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Contact: Customer Service: 478-277-5010
Brad Grimes | Gas Utility Director | 478-609-1106 | grimesb@dublinga.org

Appliance Rebates

Bundle of Natural Gas Water Heater, Furnace, Range/Stove: $1,500
Natural Gas Water Heater (Tank or Tankless): $400
Natural Gas Furnace: $500
Natural Gas Logs/Grill/Lights: $250
Natural Gas Range/Stove: $250
Natural Gas Clothes Dryer: $250
Natural Gas Generator: $250
Natural Gas Pool Heater: $250
Maximum Yearly Rebate – No Maximum

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Financing Available

Financing is available at 0% interest and offers up to $7,500.00 to cover the cost of installing a new natural gas appliance, for up to 60 months. The loan is simply added to your natural gas bill each month.

To take advantage click below to submit your application for financing.

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Don Tyson Plumbing
Don Tyson: 478-609-2512

Everett Bros. Plumbing Co.
Jesse and Jimmy Everett: 478-272-0773

Jackson Septic and Plumbing Service
Richard Jackson: 478-232-5953

Middle Georgia Plumbing
Shane Richardson and Shawn McGowan: 478-488-2030 or 478-488-0373

Plumbing and More
Tony Melton: 478-697-8981

Wells Plumbing
Kyle Wells: 478-697-2715

American Pipe Service
Michael Allen: 478-595-1750

ADS Heating and Cooling

Allen’s Heating & Cooling

American Heating and Air

Dublin Heating & Air

Middle Georgia Mechanical
Michael Edge: 478-275-4530

Premier Heating and Air
Nathan Slater: 478-275-7600

Pruett Air Conditioning Co.

Sappe’s Heating & Air – Bryan Sappe
132 Milledgeville Hwy, Gordon, GA 31031

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