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Appliance Rebates

Tankless Water Heater: $400
Tank Water Heater: $400
Furnace: $500
Stove/Cooktop: $200
Dryer: $100
Logs/Lights $100

Conversion from LP or Electric- Free tank

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Financing Available

Financing is available at 0% interest and offers up to $7,500.00 to cover the cost of installing a new natural gas appliance, for up to 60 months. The loan is simply added to your natural gas bill each month.

To take advantage click below to submit your application for financing.

Download Finance Application


P&C Plumbing
phillibrady35@gmail.com |. 706-988-9645

Douglas Moon Heat and Air
Dougmoon83@yahoo.com | 706-338-6169

Johnson Heat and Air
Johnsonheatandair@msn.com | 706-376-7455

Captain Awesome Plumbing
captainawesomeplumbing@gmail.com | 706-962-9998

R&B Maintenance
Rbmi1@hotmail.com | 706-283-6015

LA Heating and Air
Cbruce87@icloud.com | 706-988-1389

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