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Benefits of Natural Gas

An affordable, efficient and reliable choice for your home

Annual Operating Cost Comparison
(Heating, Water Heating, Cooking)

Benefits of Natural Gas By Topic

• Prefer natural gas to electric for SPACE AND WATER HEATING, COOKING AND CLOTHES DRYING.

• The production and delivery of natural gas into homes and buildings is 3X MORE EFFICIENT than grid-delivered electricity.
• Homes powered by natural gas are responsible for about ONE-THIRD FEWER GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS than a comparable all-electric home
• Direct use of natural gas in homes has CONTRIBUTED TO EMISSIONS REDUCTIONS NATIONWIDE.

• A gas fired furnace usually has a longer lifespan than a heat pump, keeping money in your pocket.

• With a natural gas grill, you never have to worry about running out of propane again!

• The recovery time for a natural gas tank water heater is quicker than electric water heaters.

• Cooking with a natural gas stove gives you precise cooking temperature control.

• Natural gas tankless water heaters heat water without a storage tank, heating only the water you need, and only when you need it.

Natural Gas Water Heaters

Heating water with natural gas just makes sense. The recovery time for a natural gas tank water heater is quicker than electric water heaters and you still will have hot water when the power goes out with a natural gas tank water heater.

Natural gas tankless water heaters heat water on demand without a storage tank. Essentially you are heating only the water you need. A tankless water heater is much smaller than traditional tank water heaters and can be mounted on an exterior wall in your home or outside, saving space in the home.

Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater
• Continuous supply of hot water
• Burner turns on only when water flows
• Small cabinet allows for wall mounting inside or outside home
• Extremely efficient. Up to 70% savings over electric water heaters and up to 50% savings over standard gas water units
• Space savings from 12 to 15 square feet

Natural Gas Tank Water Heater
• No electricity needed
• Quick heating at less cost
• Twice the hot water in half the recovery time of electric units
• Extremely efficient and cost-effective

Natural Gas Heating

The advantages of natural gas heating over electric are simple.

With natural gas you can select the type and size of system best suited for your home. The air from a natural gas furnace can be up to 25 degrees warmer than an electric heat pump, making natural gas furnaces reliable even in the coldest weather.

  • Lifespan. A gas fired furnace usually has a longer lifespan than a heat pump.
  • Less maintenance. Since a gas operated furnace is only used for a few months out of each year, the maintenance requirements are less than those for a heat pump.
  • Dependability. A gas fired furnace has fewer mechanical parts than a heat pump, meaning fewer things that can break down or malfunction.

Natural Gas Cooking

Cooking with natural gas gives you precise cooking temperature control, which is one reason why natural gas cooktops are chef’s preference.

Precision and Speed
Control is obviously an important aspect of cooking.  Something that is too hot or too cold or on the stove for too long or too short can mean the difference between a delicious entrée and a tasteless disaster. Fortunately, cooking on gas stoves makes heat much more controllable. Natural gas stoves change heat immediately and precisely, whereas the heat change is gradual on an electric. The gas stove heats up faster as well.

In the past igniting a gas stove was a burden and could often be dangerous because a match would be used to light the pilot light. However, modern gas cooking stoves have electronic ignitions which require far less work and are hazard-free. Additionally, without a constantly burning pilot light, there are neither fumes nor gas waste.

Natural gas range cooktops can be advantageous in a power outage. You would not be able to cook on an electric range if the power goes out, but if you have enough natural gas or propane, cooking in the dark will be no problem.

Overall, natural gas cooking is valuable due to its speed, control, safety and dependability. Whether you are a professional chef or a cook at home, choosing gas over electric has proven to be the most effective means of meal making

With a natural gas grill you never have to worry about running out of gas again! No more refilling those bulky propane tanks. You can simply have your natural gas grill connected to your existing natural gas line and enjoy the convenience of cooking with natural gas anytime!

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